Monday, July 17, 2006

lovely jenn

Happy Birthday jenn!

There are many, many reasons why jenn is cool and you should want her as your friend (if you happen to be of the unlucky ones who haven’t met her yet). Here are just a few:

    1. jenn spells her name with two “n’s”.
    2. jenn has freckles and likes them.
    3. jenn is a fabulous baker and makes the yummeriest treats. If you invite her over for dinner, she will most likely bring a freshly baked goodie. Most likely it will be chocolatey too.
    4. jenn is wicked funny and plays a deadly game of “who can make the other snort milk out of their nose first?” (A word to the wise when serving milk at your dinner with her chocolate baked goods.)
    5. jenn is strong and smart (super-smart) and creative.
    6. jenn loves the color periwinkle.
    7. jenn reads a lot and therefore saves you the trouble of finding out if a book is good or not by passing on just the good stuff to you.
    8. jenn has a little competitive streak (though she may pretend that it’s not true).
    9. jenn makes up nicknames for everyday things in her life - almost like they have become her friends.
    10. jenn sings the other part of the harmony so that your impromptu karaoke to the Indigo Girls sounds that much more legit.
    11. jenn will watch all those nerdy t.v. shows with you and then engage in very serious discussion about the implications of a time warp continuum, alternate universes or Johnny Depp’s time in the federal pen when he went deep under cover.
    12. jenn will eat chocolate for breakfast with no compunction.
    13. jenn knows what compunction means.
    14. jenn lives with her husband and a den of rabbits (and one duck). (Which is not to say that she is cool because she lives with her husband, unlike, oh, say those who are not cool cause they don’t live with their husbands. But I wanted to say that she is cool cause she lives with a den of rabbits (and one duck), but didn’t want to leave her husband out. Cause she lives with him too.)
    15. jenn goes on cool vacations to places like New Zealand and Wales.
    16. jenn learns welsh for her trip to Wales.
    17. Though she will also deny this, jenn has a fondness of songs written in 3/4 time.
    18. jenn enjoys a good giggle.
    19. jenn has a healthy imagination and uses it liberally.
    20. jenn believes in magic.
    21. jenn makes pretty things.
    22. jenn is a good listener and gives sound advice during times of crisis.
    23. jenn loves lists. When she is feeling a little overwhelmed with her lists, she will include items such as: “make your bed, brush your teeth, eat chocolate” in order to have easy items to cross off. This makes you feel like you are accomplishing things, she says.
    24. jenn likes to sit in sunbeams.
    25. You can always count on jenn to have a camera (or two or three) with her, pretty much at all times.
    26. jenn is a phenomenal packer (like when she goes on trips).
    27. jenn always carried a backpack, but has transitioned into a sleek lute-like sling bag (or sometimes she carries a tote) .
    28. I haven’t kept up with this one, but last I checked, jenn keeps her new year’s resolutions.
    29. jenn writes in her journal every day.
    30. If need be jenn will always, always tag your man.


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