Thursday, August 31, 2006


Wherein your pal jean exhibits her utter lack of pride, overuse of the italics and learns a lesson about 20/20 vision…

That’s what it’s really all about, you know?

Yesterday, I read a post on this lovely blog about a New York Times article on how fuller eyebrows are back in style these days. Oh how I wish I could relate. As I wrote in the comments to Lene I have freakishly sparse eyebrows. This particular trait is only rendered more freakish when you consider the fact that…well, how do I put this? I have a hairy forehead. (God help me, I have no pride.) No one else seems to be able to see this until I point it out, so just take my word on this.

The NY Times story included some bit about the trend to sport what can only be described as eyebrow toupees (yes, you read that correctly) to wait out the grow-back period from the sparse eyebrow look to the trendier full eyebrow look.

That’s so awesome! I thought, I SO need eyebrow toupees. Not to wait out the growing period, but to make up for my lack of eyebrows. Especially since my only other option is makeup (which I don’t wear) which has the disastrous result of making me look like a drag-queen. Not a good look for me.

Lene asked me to support her fondness for “embracing the silly” by posting some photos. Oh what the hell? I present you with the photo of the one time I tried to enhance my god-given eyebrows with makeup. I will also include a shot of me without eye makeup to show you the difference:

drag queen jean

no-brow jean

You don’t see it? The raging drag-queen?

Okay. So neither do I.

These photos are about 5 years old and I have such a strong memory of getting the photo of me with “the eyebrows” from the drugstore after I’d turned in my film. I remember dropping the whole envelope of prints and screaming in horror at my freakishness. Not that I’m vain or anything. But well, you just don’t expect to get back a roll of film that you developed where you think you look normal, but you really see a drag-queen version of yourself.

However there is a lesson here that I am trying to share with you. It’s all about PERSPECTIVE. ‘Kay? here is what I thought I looked like:

drag queen jean

no-brow jean

See what I mean? PERSPECTIVE.

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