Monday, September 4, 2006

hotrods and roscoe's

The high point of my Labor Day weekend consisted of Sunday spent with friends at a classic car show in the morning and lunch at a Los Angeles legend: Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles.

At the car show, we saw

All manner of classic cars and fabulous design elements:

(the red and black (without the flames) is my favorite one, reminds me of A.M. Cassandre)

Hopelessly cool hipsters hangin out:

Early Riders with their “Special Thanks” inscribed on the body of their vehicle:

Hungry we headed back to L.A. (the car show was in Ventura which is about an hour north of us) for lunch. Lunch was good, mind-blowingly greasy and surprisingly overpriced. I think Roscoe’s has gotten a little full of itself with it’s legendary reputation and all that. I’ve heard that celebrities have been known to show up late at night for some down home eats and the management closes down the place for them. It’s a tiny place with only about 10 tables or so. The lines keep forming, but the food is cranked out pretty fast so the wait isn’t too bad. The prices they charge for breakfast items is pretty surprising and my guess is that they are pocketing all of that profit because it doesn’t look like any of it’s going back into the aesthetics of the restaurant. The place is a total hole in the wall. I hope that they pay their employees really well then. Back to the photos…

Down in Hollywood:

A 45 minute wait that only took about 20:

With friends eric and janet:

Heart-stopping, cholesterol spiking soul food (and yes, that is a pat of butter you see on everything):

(chicken and waffles)

(check out the gravy on that fried chicken over on the left)

(I couldn’t pass up the chance to have grits in Hollywood.)

Full and with our blood pressures considerably higher than when we started our day, we headed back to the hot valley and decided to chew up the afternoon with a movie in a cool air-conditioned movie theatre.

We watched Little Miss Sunshine and laughed our asses off. Go see this heartwarming and funny and sometimes a little sad movie. Everytime I see the poster, I crack up. It was wonderful.

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