Monday, August 21, 2006

we're going to Hawaii

Yes it’s true. After a long conversation yesterday about how boring our lives are these days, how we are living on a tight budget, how all our travel time is taken up visiting family (enjoyable albeit obligatory), how we haven’t done anything fun in a long ole’ while, we did a little research and found out that we can go to Hawaii!

M and I got some free airline dollars from our last trip returning from the east coast. The airport was mega crowded with flights overbooked left and right. American Airlines offered $300 in free flights to passengers who would take a later flight. M looked into it and figured that since the bump was only for two hours and we would still get home at a reasonable time, why not?

We were going to hoard these tickets for something fun, but then the more we thought about it, the more we realized the restrictions surrounding our free airline dollars. We didn’t want to go somewhere too far, because then we would have to pay for the balance of the flight costs. Hotels are expensive. Going someplace new and exotic and explore-worthy (i.e., Italy, Morocco, Greece, Turkey) should really be given more than a week’s amount of time to do it up. But we didn’t want to burn up too much vacation time. We ruled out places that either of us have already been to (i.e., France, England, Ireland, Korea). We didn’t want to go someplace that we could easily travel to from the east coast since those trips would be imminent from Boston (i.e., Prince Edward Island, Bahamas, most of western Europe). So all of this ruminating left us in a bit of a bind. Vancouver was quite high in the running until we got online and found out (fortuitously) that, flights to Hawaii seem to be fairly reasonable right around now. We were able to purchase tickets to Honolulu with just a few bucks out of our pockets for the airport fees. And the hotels rates aren’t too bad either!

Let’s face it. God wants us to go to Hawaii. And who am I to mess with the wishes of higher deities?

Our lives aren’t so bad, really. I think we’re just in a bit of a rut. We’re going to see the Red Sox play tomorrow night (free tix from a kind co-worker!) and Willie Nelson is coming to the Hollywood Bowl with Ryan Adams and Neko Case next month and we’re going to Hawaii!

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