Monday, October 30, 2006

kick-ass guitar solo

I just remembered the rest of my dream from last night:
JM was guest-playing with the Beastie Boys (of all bands) and he got to do a guitar solo for some song that doesn’t really have a guitar solo. And I remember hearing it and thinking DAMN! This is pure brilliance! A GUITAR-SOLO? In the middle of Paul Revere?? (not sure if it was Paul Revere, maybe it was Girls). And then the Beastie Boys pranced across the stage and they were cartoons instead of live people. And the artist who rendered them made them kind of look 70’s-ish and I remember thinking, that’s not how I would have drawn them. But who cares cause wouldn’t it be brilliant to have a guitar solo in the middle of Paul Revere?? I can’t believe that my sub-conscious comes up with this kind of brilliance. My talents are so wasted at my day job…

Oh. And so while I was out at lunch. I had to buy John Mayer’s new album. I think he was sending me a subliminal message. I hear you John Mayer, I hear you.

PS. Cool guest appearances. I think it’s great that you got Ben Harper (among others) to play guitar on your new record.

PPS. Speaking of kick-ass guitar solos…Bold as Love-amazing even though I normally don’t like covers. Jimi Hendrix rocks.

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