Wednesday, November 1, 2006

a stripey kind of day

I drive down Wilshire Boulevard straight through Beverly Hills every day. The drive is pleasant if a touch congested. I pass Rodeo Drive and all the fancy schmancy department stores along the way. The store window displays are always fun to check out as they update them at least once a month. My favorite window is in Neiman Marcus. Whoever does designs their windows is a genius. Many times I kick myself for not having my camera and taking photos of the brilliance. This is no static runway of dummies dressed in designer fashions. They create stories, there is texture, they must have an amazing props room.

Anyways, past all the glitz of the department stores at the very end of Wilshire just before we cross Santa Monica, there is a crowded shabby little craft store called Nettie’s Needlework. Nettie’s is one of two yarn stores near work that I mentioned. I don’t go there anymore.

But next door to Nettie’s is a bridal shop. And they have pretty displays too. But I think their storefront gets lost in all the hustle of high-rise buildings and traffic on Wilshire Boulevard. I don’t even know the name of the bridal shop. But they’ve had this dress in their display for a few weeks and I am so in love with it. I covet it lamenting the probably too high price tag and the lack of practicality. When would I have occasion to wear this pretty thing?

I thought it was peppermint striped and fell in love with the idea of a swirly creamy white striped peppermint dress. How Audrey Hepburn! But it’s actually a rusty orange against a creamy white. If I ever make this dress (cough), I will keep it the way I see it in my mind peppermint-y red and white.

I finally remembered to bring my camera in and walked the length of Wilshire (just over a mile) to the bridal shop to snap a photo. Before they changed the display and my pretty dress would be lost to me…forever…

And along the way I saw this peppermint striped rose:

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