Monday, November 20, 2006

I heart MK

Saturday was m’s birthday.

and I finally figured out how to use my camera with indoor night-time lighting:

(belated birthday cake)

gratuitous cake close up:

(still working on the closeup mode)

gratuitous cat photo:

Don’t know if you caught it in the above photos, but I broke in the bundt cake pan we received from h for our wedding. There should be enough kharma in that gift to bake cakes that knock your socks off. Did I mention that I suck at baking cakes? I tasted the crumbs off the bottom while it was cooling and it seemed okay. Definitely not sucky. Since it’s now almost midnight, the cake is still cooling and m and I are going to have to eat his birthday cake tomorrow after dinner. Or maybe in our separate offices at lunch. It sure smells good around here.

Oh, and the birthday-boy had a good time too. (He would interrupt here and say that he’s the birthday-man.) Did I mention how much I adore my husband?

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