Monday, April 16, 2007

cats, fabric, couch and flowers

Pretty Och has taken to sitting in my basket:

I can only imagine how uncomfortable it must be. I have magazines and papers sitting in there, not stacked in the comfy way, I must say.

And doesn't Pekoe look SO tired but comfy, deep asleep?

I have new fabric (some new, some from the stash) to play with. They are waiting to be washed and I think they look so cheerful neatly stacked waiting for their turn in the wash:

That first one on top isn't actually pretty fabric to sew with. It's a shirt that just needs to be washed and I figured it would be safe in a load with these similar colors.

The rest of the stack will go into the making of pretty dresses (some for me, some not), maybe a bag and at the very bottom the beginnings of a quilt for us. I decided recently that I don't like any of my bedding and so a brand new quilt is in order. It's a pretty simple design so I'm hoping it won't take too long to put together. Maybe if I had a looming deadline to help put some fire under me. Like with our couch.

Did I mention that I was planning to re-upholster the couch? We actually don't have a couch, but a love-seat. We had to give up the couch when we moved into our current place. It with the love-seat was a set that m purchased years ago when he started his bachelor life in Los Angeles. It looks like this:

Nice, right?

I bought some apple green duck canvas for a great price and went to work:
Doesn't the rumpled blanket in the far end make it look ever so cozy?

It makes our whole place look brighter and better! But, I can't but help point out the mistakes. Ahem. Didn't buy enough fabric. But that's a boring longish story. See the front of the couch just under the arms? There's black pleather there, you better believe it. And that cream colored contrast? Not part of the original scope of work, but you do what you gotta do when your materials run short.

I paid especial attention to the back to make sure that it looked clean and profesh'

If we didn't have dinner guests coming over this past weekend, I might not have ever gone through the trouble. But now that the living room looks so much nicer with our new couch, I just might go out and pick up that pretty fabric and make slip covers for the black chairs.

And now, on to the flower portion of the post!

Ranunculus from Trader Joe's. They are lovely today completely in bloom.

They were less full when I first got them. Och seem fond of playing peek-a-boo with them:

Pekoe, is a little indifferent:

And that's all the exciting news going on chez c-potion.

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janet said...

ohh la la....the couch is fabo! i really like the color, and that's unusual for me considering i prefer to embrace darkness.. in all forms. btw, you gettin ready for another b-day? wanna go eat and celebrate? let me know when. jl