Tuesday, May 8, 2007


So I am 33 today.

What an auspicious number. It was Larry Bird's jersey number m would tell you. And Jesus accomplished some pretty important things at this age.

So far, it's been a lovely day (if a bit hot - weatherwise). M and I went to Amandine to have a little breakfast. We really went there for pains au chocolat and a latte (for me), but we were sensible and had an omelette and quiche as well (to fill in the cracks).

Before it got much hotter, I ironed some newly acquired fabric that I washed the night before. I don't enjoy ironing in general, but I find that I don't mind ironing freshly washed fabric. So easy, no collars or cuffs to deal with, no creases to match up, no tiny little sleeves to work around. Just smooth steaming soothing motions. It's almost zen, and it smells nice too. I also find the steaming noise to be particularly satisfying, like I am ironing more effectively if my fabric has a little extra steam and sizzle. I let the stuff dry on the washline last night, but I find that my preferred method with new fabric is to let it soak in Woolite for a good 20 minutes, squish out the suds and rinse until the water runs suds-free, then squeeze out the excess water and iron while its still soaked. Otherwise, I have to spritz the damned thing until it cooperates and there are still wrinkles on it even after the ironing. A lesson learned.

My pretty goods from Sunday's fabric aquisition:

Left to right: brown polka dot jersey for a tube-halter dress, green flowery stuff for mom's day gift which gulp - still haven't started to make yet, another polka dot pattern originally intended for a skirt, but now I am thinking that it needs to be a dress instead. I found something I think in Domino that one of the interviewees was wearing and clipped it for my sketch book.

And lastly more striped ticking, for...well, just visual interest because I washed it in the same load and it needed to be ironed as well. Ignore those splotchy parts, I gave up with the iron because it got too hot and decided that the rest of it could just air dry.

My plans for today involve lots of loafing, maybe a little crafting, perhaps a trip to a cooler locale (no AC in our apartment) like the movies, a trip to the beach? and just general putzying. Last week I thought I wanted m to take me to a Korean tofu house for my birthday dinner (I've been on kind of a kick - silken tofu: mmmmmmm), but I realize the futility of that plan with this heat.

Thanks friends for the lovely email birthday wishes! I wish you were all with me today so we could picnic at the beach.


meteowrite said...

Happy Birthday!!! Love you!

jean beaumont said...

Joyeux anniversaire jeune fille!
Nous t'embrassons tendrement.
Jacqueline et Jean.

jean said...

merci! Je vous embrasse aussi!

jean said...

thanks!! Love you too!!