Sunday, May 6, 2007

whew! and then we were safe!

All done with the birthday gift. Yay! I kinda got a little impatient with the pouch (so close to being done, dammit!) and so I think the overall quality of it was compromised. I am very comfortable with the notion that I am sometimes a little too hard on myself. Um... it gives me something to work on. Yeah. Anyways.

Good gravy do these photos suck! Rest assured the products are much cuter and less fuzzier in real life:

Pouch with embroidered name in yellow thread (hm... looks like the pouch could use one last rendez-vous with Mr. Iron.).

The Hello Kitty gang chillin' just outside their home.

And a blurry peek at the insides. Don't you just dig the chicken pattern??

1 comment:

meteowrite said...

chook, chook, CHICKENS! Yes, I do like the chickens. Awesome work!