Sunday, June 24, 2007

thrift stores in L.A.

...have totally different price points than thrift stores elsewhere. All this for under 20bucks. Probably a rip-off if you lived in ... say, Minnesota or something, but still a good deal.

Thoughts on my consumerism for the weekend:

I had coffee in the poppy cup and saucer this morning with our french toast and bacon (damn, was that a tasty breakfast) it made me feel dainty.

Those plates are hand-painted. Yikes! I'm just trying to imagine the throngs of laborers (okay, maybe just a dozen or so) in Korea dabbing yellow and brown paint just so on each plate before setting it on the conveyor belt for the kiln. LOVE these plates. LOVE stoneware. You can put 'em in the oven, or in the microwave, or in the dishwasher (if you had a dishwasher), and on the table! Love these hand-painted sturdy little stoneware plates that so are durable and pretty.

I love chicken mugs. I cannot lie. I had to throw out my last chicken mug because there were too many chips on the rim and it made sipping an adventure. This little number is also stoneware.

Isn't that pyrex bowl awesome?? I sense a collection beginning to take seed.

And that milk glass vase? I used it as a candle holder last night with a tealight. It was lovely.

The last three little mugs are also stoneware and I just couldn't resist them.

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