Sunday, June 17, 2007

domo arigato...

~mr. roboto



I don't even know where to begin! (Let's begin at the beginning, shall we?)

After the numbers had been run, the research conducted and the reviews read, I took the plunge and purchased a Roomba(!). [Cue trumpet fanfare]

Never has an object changed my life like the way this little machine has done! Some folks who know me might describe me as being, retentive about my cleaning methods. (True story: once while at College 8, I flicked the duster at jenn's head cause she'd spent what I deemed too long a time sitting in one place.) With two cats, a busy schedule and (surprisingly?) an abhorrance to running the vacuum, the Roomba seemed like a natural solution to getting clean floors. Mind you there are some parameters to consider before you run out and plunk down your hard earned dollars for a robot vacuum of your very own.

We rent an apartment with hardwood floors throughout the apartment and the standard ugly vinyl in the kitchen and bathroom. No area rugs, though we did keep a rag rug folded at the entry to dust off a little extra dirt when entering the abode.

We follow the asian custom of removing our shoes when we enter our home. Before the Roomba, if I skipped vacuuming one weekend, I'd spend the following week wearing indoor-use only slippers because the floors felt gritty. (Mind you, not gritty enough to convince me to pull out the vacuum and take care of the issue.)

These parameters are important to take into consideration because in the reviews I'd read some users complained that the Roomba had transitional issues going from hard floors to rugs and that they pretty much sucked on plush carpets or shags. And how you probably have to clean out the little hopper all the time to keep it running properly cause that's where the hair and debris goes since there's no vacuum bag to hold it all in, nor a HEPA filter of any sort.

But then I also read a review from one user who used his Roomba every day.

Every. Day.

People. This is my DREAM, to have the kind of floors that are that kind of clean. The kind of clean only achievable by vacuuming every day. But who has the time or patience to vacuum their floors every day? Wonder no more because now I can have floors that are that kind of clean. Without running the vacuum every day.


So I purchased the Roomba model that includes a scheduler so that my groovy little robot can do its thing while m and I are work. We come home and voila: clean floors!

I can't tell you how FREAKING AWESOME it's been. The floors feel silky smooth underfoot. No floaty cat-hair beasties scuttling around. I think it's helped to reduce some of my allergy symptoms. My hair is shinier and my skin is glowing.

It's true.

I swear.

The Roomba sings a cute little song when it's ready to start its thing (kind of a variation on the little tune that goes: dum-dee-dum-dum-dee-dum....CHARGE! as if he's all jazzed to start vacuuming and do his thing), when it's low on power, it also sings a little song as if to say, uh-oh. And when it's all finished, it scoots itself back to its home base (which is also the charging station) and sings one final song to signal its completed mission. I am so charmed by how cute all of this is.

I'm not saying that everyone should run out and spend the money for this dear machine. Or that it'll change your life like it did mine (though I will still swear by the shiny hair and glowing skin). But man, oh, MAN am I glad that I did.

As an added bonus, I get new entertainment material out of watching the cats quietly freak out over their newest nemesis.

The Och maintains a steady watch over the Roomba.

Pekoe, is also unconvinced of the Roomba's magical powers to shinier hair and glowing skin. But he is a selfish kitty and unconcerned of my welfare.


meteowrite said...

Ohhhhhh, that's exciting!! Interesting. Very interesting. I'm glad you've been able to achieve a level of cleanliness that pleases you. And I'm glad your vacuum cleaner sings to you. :)

Hey, what happened with your sewing machine?

jean said...

Yeah, I feel like I can't really push my buddy at work about the sewing machine when he's doing me a huge favor by looking at it. So when he gets to it, he'll get to it.

I've pretty much given up hope on the Kenmore and when my scheduled grieving period is over, I'll pack away the black mourning shawl and look into a new machine. Is it wrong that I've already started cruising the sites?

Actually I think that the machine I want is WAY out of my budget so I'll have to wait a little longer. I'm a little twitchy with all the sewing projects that are on hold because of this. My other craft endeavors have suffered from it. I can't tell you how many times I've knit and reknit a sock that I keep screwing up. I think I'm distracted.