Thursday, July 26, 2007

it takes you back, you know?

Married to a writer (with silver screen aspirations) means we watch a lot of movies. Well technically, m watches a lot of movies and sometimes I sit still long enough or get pulled away from the computer to watch one too. There are a lot of movies and older t.v. shows being screened here at c+potion and many different kinds of them too.

Lately m has been watching a little known (to my ignorant knowledge anyways) t.v. show called Undeclared. It's part of the Judd Apatow study he's been conducting. I believe Freaks and Geeks is next on tap. (PS. Have you seen Knocked Up? Hilarious. Please go see it. Hella funny, even. Also, loved, loved, loved The 40 Year Old Virgin which we revisited during the aforementioned Crash Course in J.A. Filmography.)

Have you ever heard of Undeclared? It's not terribly good in terms of acting or writing, necessarily. But I find myself drawn to the little scenarios. We watch the commentaries too to see if there is anything to be learned from them. I'm finding that even though I initially sort of dismissed this little show as not being very good, I keep thinking about it. Or at least the characters. Or maybe their environment. Dear me, have I become one of those folks who just can't let go of those glory days?

Granted these kids' college lives bear little resemblance to our golden days of College 8. But I think it's their innocence (and gobs of free time) that make me feel a little nostalgic. Ahh...the good old days...

Tomorrow is a half day Friday at my work Wheeeee! M prolly won't get out as early as me, but that just means that I have a little more time to swing by the thrift store I just discovered around the corner from my office before I report in for lunch. All my thrift store cruisings have been a bust lately. Perhaps St. Vincent of Thrift will have something good for me tomorrow in the way of milk-glass vintage pyrex. A girl can hope, right?

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