Friday, August 3, 2007

p a n t i e s, freaks and pyrex

Yes. You read correctly. P a n t i e s.

Now go here and read all about it. I swear you will laugh. Even if you don't know anything about what she is talking about.

PS. Freaks and Geeks is awesome!

PPS. I have new (old) pyrex! Photos forthcoming. Thank you St. Vincent!!!

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meteowrite said...

Whew. That was funny. What really made me laugh out loud though was the post before that, where she's at the airport and everybody is stupid. And she says, of the guy who holds up the whole line while drinking his Nalgene full of water that natural selection must not exist on this planet. Because if it did, the other passengers would kill and eat this guy before he got on the plane. That made me laugh out loud. Now I must go check and see if my knitting coworker has read about the panty flinging knitters.