Tuesday, July 3, 2007

a little late to the party?

What was I doing in 2004 or ought 5? Seems like every crafter and her sister was out starting craft blogs and now are cashing in on their book deals. Sorry, I don't mean to sound cranky or crass about it. I'm really thrilled over all the fun reading material there is out there for me on days like today (sick at home, recovering from a minor little procedure {sinus surgery, really no big deal, shit, I screwed up and just announced it on the blog, didn't I? Sorry. I am breaking all my rules. Really, it was no big deal and I am feeling fine. A little tired, but fine...anyways, back to the blog}, got a lot of down time that I should be spending on my mending pile {I would have a whole nother wardrobe if I would just go and fix all the stuff in my mending pile.} Anyways...where was I?)

So when I have a lot of down time or just feel like moping in front of the computer, I check out all the amazing craft blogs out there and read their archives. Seriously, I read each and every entry for each craft blog that I find (and there are many, I assure you) and I read them back from their very first hello-are-you-out-there?-let's-give-this-a-try post. I'm a little anal like that.

There are some really great ones. I love to read about these gals' lives (voyeur that I am) and I LOVE to see the pretty eye candy that is a big part of their posts. Stuff they made, stuff they covet, stuff they shop for. I have a bunch of images files that I've set up on my computer where I collect all the best of the pretty things I see. It's an inspiration file of sorts. Who knows what I'll do with the pics, but for now they make me happy. I can go through them when I am bored and just want some pretty things to look at.

So today I am back in September of 2006 reading a blog called SouleMama. She just shared about her baby's 1st birthday and the gift she made with her two older kids. Too freaking cute for words! Just check it out, wouldya?

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