Friday, July 6, 2007

a study in printing on fabric


pas mal, jean...pas mal


meteowrite said...

Say more. Are you telling me you ran fabric through the printer? Or do you mean silkscreening sort of printing. Say more.

jean said...

It's my way of getting around silkscreening. Or buying a print gocco.

Yes. Printer.

I stuck a piece of clear contact paper to a piece of fabric roughly 8.5"x11" and ran it through my Epson 1280 (I love this printer) using regular ole knock-off Epson ink.

I'm thinkin' an applique is what this little bit is going to end up being. Maybe on a bag. So I'll probably iron the fabric first to see if the print doesn't melt in the wash.

Keepin' my fingers crossed.