Monday, August 27, 2007

addendum to my book post

I should have finished reading all the articles on NPR's summer booklist page before hitting publish on my last post. Here's one that I think might tickle the fancy of adventuring loving, sword wielding, newly parental types out there. Now who might that sound like?

Review also from Glen Weldon:

The first six issues of Mouse Guard, writer/artist David Petersen's epic-in-the-making about medieval intrigue among mice, has just been released in a nifty hardcover edition, and now's the time to get on board. Petersen creates a rich and painstakingly detailed world of anthropomorphized adventure in each panel; the battles are beautifully rendered and thrilling, but you're just as likely to marvel over his depiction of everyday life in a mouse village. (Check out the opening sequence.) If there exists anyone who is unmoved by the sheer, giddy awesomeness that is manifest in a fight scene between a crab and a sword-wielding mouse in a teensy purple cape, I don't want to meet them.

Hear, hear! I couldn't agree more.

Oh, and Jenn? The NPR summer reading list also has an article written by Seattle librarian Nancy Pearl who reviews younger reader books to recommend.


Sancho Mandritto Fentente said...

Oh we are soooo there Jean! Brien, being only 8 mos., has not started instruction yet, but he has already developed a lusty smack so it won't be long, and one always needs the proper literature to instill spirit ;-)

jean said...

Oh really? So you've heard about this book? It's new to me, but I read the excerpt and was instantly charmed. The illustrations are wonderful! Looks like a children's classic in the making if you ask me.

I am confident that wee Brien's literary future will be well guided. It's never too early, I say. Have you plied his "lusty smack" (as it were) to bath-time literature? They have these plastic blow up books that might attract his discerning palate. Just a thought.

And how about some more (recent) photos? The baby fan-club just can't get enough! This auntie wants to see how much he's grown!