Tuesday, August 28, 2007

ramblings on my latest obsession

I blame her. But she can't take all the credit. Let's face it, the Electra Amsterdam is a darned good looking bike:

I prefer the Sport model myself.

Even though I know that the Classic's skirt/coat guard, headlight and rear rack are more useful for someone like me, I love the creamy color and the clean economical lines of the Sport's design.

Unfortunately, I already have a bike. A perfectly good hybrid from Trek.

(This one's from a Craigslist ad, I don't have a photo of mine, but it's the same model and similar in color)

Bought used at a cycle shop in the valley for a reasonable price. A little worn around the edges, but that just deters theft as far as I'm concerned. I bought my bike as a Christmas gift to myself two Christmases ago. I stopped riding it last September when I developed some weird knee injury that persisted till this spring. And also, bicycling in LA can be an unpleasant experience.

Basically this bike has reduced me to a 5 year old whining about her sought after pony. I keep thinking: but if I HAD a beautiful bike that rode like a dream (it's true, I checked the reviews), I'm sure I would ride it ALL the time. Since I can't exactly justify the purchase, I'll just stare at photos of it and hope that it subsides my covetous whiney-ness. That's normal, right?

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