Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Okay, now that I have your attention, please direct it to this link. Seriously. Especially if your name is jenn or jim, and even goodyear, though I don't think he keeps up with my blog.


What a fun idea!


meteowrite said...

Whoa!! You were right!! That TOTALLY got my attention!! And the Welsh countryside no less. I like the Welsh countryside.

True story: Though most of the sets from the Lord of the Rings movie were broken down, or stored as part of a museum collection, Peter Jackson kept the innards of Bag End. He's thinking he might like to retire there some day. :)

jean said...

I know! Isn't that cool?? Also lovin' the fact that it's in Wales too. If you click through the part that says more photos (towards the bottom) you'll see a photo of the dude's father in law. He just Fits in that house, you know?

And what do you think about the dude's suggestion that we join him on future building projects? I say, let's go!

Sancho Mandritto Fentente said...

LOVE IT. Love Wales, I mean, how couldn't I, really, having some family from there a wee ways back. True story about turf houses--they've been around a long time, and if we ever find that dragon hoard Jenn once mentioned (was it outside Salinas somewhere or was that the In-and-Out Burger?), I am so getting one. I was all for yurts until I saw this, and, well, until yurts suddenly became cool with the don't-want-to-look-like-a-yuppy-but-if-it-smells -like-it-then-I-am-one set ;-) AI YA. Yes, let's do join this guy--I was thinking Portland for the move, but gosh, Wales sure makes that look like yesterday's bathwater.


jean said...

JIM! Do you worry about being a yuppy too? I was reading this blog about a young mom (okay, our age, does that still qualify as young? maybe, but perhaps not as a young mom) who was looking through baby name books when she was pregnant with her third babe. She stumbled upon a category for those...

"upwardly mobile yet politically correct population so cleverly known as bobos--Borgeois Bohemians, in the parlance of David Brooks' book Bobos in Paradise. Bobos like distinctive things but abhor ostentation; they have good taste but disdain convention; they appreciate the classics but like them with a modern twist. Most but not all of the names they favor are to the left of the most popular list, but far to the right of most choices in this book."

I gasped and then had to laugh when reading this. I'm such a bobo. And I can't decide how I feel about that. Acknowledgement and a weird sort of pride? embarassment?

Incidentally, in what kind of yuppy circles have yurts become the new "it" item to own? I'm so behind my bobo-isms.