Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the shoe project

Check out some fun portrait photography here. I'm thinking that San Francisco is a great place to do outdoor photography for the unlimited choice of pretty colors in backdrops (doors, walls, etc.) and the great outdoor lighting to be had most days of the year.

(from TwentyOne Pictures Ellen Ugelstad)

I really enjoy this photographer's take on traditional portraiture in her dyptique-esque approach to their faces and shoes. Oh, and the shoes are great too.


meteowrite said...

Also very cool. I was sure that the flip-flops in the gorgeous third position stance were going to be attached to someone labeled "Leslie - Ballet Dancer." No. They were attached to someone named "Mr. Cosby - Nudist." I LOVE IT.

OHHHHHHHH, also interesting, the leopard print slippers in the spectacular FIFTH position are attached to "MRS. Cosby - California Mom." Forget it, you can't convince me the Cosbys are not ballerinas in their down time.

jean said...

Yeah, I noticed the feet and their ballet stances as well. The Cosby's make me miss that quirky San Francisco local color. It's just a certain kind of nudist, parenting, middle-aged ballerina that you can't find anywhere else.