Thursday, August 16, 2007

jim, this one's for you

Do you guys ever read the Unclutterer? It's a neat little blog about staying orderly, organized and of course uncluttered. They feature tips, give advice to readers who write in, and feature cool products. They also love multi-use products.

Today's post is about a product that they thought was useful and cool looking and could be multi-useful. In light of my buddy jim, I think these Unclutterer folks must be pretty cool if they are looking out for helpful tools to benefit the fencers in the world.

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Sancho Mandritto Fentente said...

JEAN! Thanks for thinking of me! That sort of thing might work, though I would store them vertically rather horizontally so as not to make the already too flexible blades that much more so... and it is soooo much cheaper than a weapon's locker, though not of course as pretty (I am using a ca. 1920's French art deco armoire--I have a picture somewhere--and it works well, but no cool hooks! Not until now that is...

Many, many thanks!!!