Sunday, August 5, 2007

a post in photos

New pyrex from a thrift store score:

(why yes, that is a lemon buttermilk bundt cake cooling in the background)

pretty lid:

my new favorite dress to schlep around the house in (I should have made the bed before the photoshoot):

(ps: andrecito, this photo is for you)

corners of my home:

I seem to enjoy photographing this lamp, table and plant combo. I also like the cats lurking. They make me think of the characters in Spy Vs. Spy.

Another corner of my home, cozy lamplight and pretty magazines:

Doesn't this laundry look too pretty to be called a chore?

Pekoe in deep, deep thought.


meteowrite said...

Wow, the Pekoe in thought photo reminds me of the series of photos you took of me in college that was entitled something like "Jenn is Tired."

jean said...

Yes. More true than you know...I found a file on my computer the other day with lots of kitty photos labeled something like:tiredest kitty in the world.

I thought the bulk of my jenn portraits were of you sitting in front of your closet door in a classic deer in headlights pose?