Thursday, September 6, 2007

the saltmines

Jenn had posted some photos of her work space which I enjoyed perusing. So I thought: Me too! I want to play! So here are some photos from my work:

This is my office when you walk in (please note that considering my hierarchical status in my large corporation, I have a ridiculously large office. It's a fluke. It bears no weight on my importance at my job.)

This is the view from where I sit left to right. Note the door at the far left, that's where I was standing to take the photo above.

(Note to self: Put those shelves up or away.)

And this is the giant bulletin board behind me filled with useful stuff for my job. With a little fun stuff tucked into the corner. Hard to tell from these photos, but that wall color is best described as periwinkle. It's quite pretty actually, but I have negative associations with it, so I am probably going to have it painted over.

Here's the corner of the reception area desk (looking into our conference room) I just had to photograph this because of the floral arrangement. We have an AWESOME florist. His name is Nelson and his place is called Floral Rush. Every week he delivers some amazing piece of floral art for our lobby downstairs and a beautiful vase for the reception area of my office. Every week we get asked: Who is your florist?? He's got quite the pedigreed client list (Academy Awards receptions, Louis Vuitton, Golden Globe receptions, and yours truly). And on top of that, a sweeter guy you couldn't find to work with. What a consummate professional.

Seriously. My camera is not doing justice to this arrangement. If you could only see the glowing embers of the cockscomb. Pinks and yellows and oranges. It's awesome.

Speaking of awesome, this is my assistant Leigh (pronounced: Lee-ah).

Isn't she a cutie? Today is her birthday. Kiddo is a mere 27. On top of being cute and totally awesome, she's a go-getter. Keeps those shades nearby, hon. Your future is bright indeed.

The prettiest little cake from a bakery in my neighborhood:

The nice gals there helped me concoct a cake that comes closest to a german chocolate cake without nuts (Leigh's allergic) without changing their recipe (a susiecakes policy). Chocolate cake with coconut buttercream. I bought a jar of caramel sauce to dabble on the side.

The serious looking dude back there is Antonio. It's really weird that I caught him looking so straight-faced. Not normal for him. He's a total pal and so fun to work with.

This awesome lady is LaJuana who was really getting into singing Happy Birthday. Yes there was clapping and swaying involved. And an encore.

And there are three other fellows in my office that aren't pictured here cause my camera stinks and the photos were too blurry to bother posting.

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jean beaumont said...

Nous partons en vacances en Syrie et Jordanie pour 2 semaines.
Bisous, à bientôt.
Nous t'enverrons une carte postale.