Friday, September 7, 2007

work that skirt

I am terribly fond of skirts. Story goes that when I was a tot they couldn't find trousers to fit around my chubby tummy so I was often garbed in dresses and skirts. I have no idea how this makes sense, but I am just repeating what I was told.

When I was old enough to read, my favorites books featured young ladies from another time who were courageous and brazen with bustling skirts swirling around them as they kept house, hunted deer or even climbed trees. I loved that Jo March had pockets in the skirts of her dresses that she sometimes kept a book or candy in. I used try and slip paperbacks into my skirts with pockets. Not a good look as these skirt pockets weren't really made to house Louisa May Alcott tomes. And the weight of the books sometimes tugged the elastic waist a little too far south for modesty's comfort. Ahem.

But enough with my Proustian mumble bumble. Check out these lovely skirts from the Skirt Spot:

Aren't they the prettiest?? I actually think that these are not as cute as some of the ones they've featured in past seasons, back when they were still called Boutique Ooh La La.

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