Thursday, October 18, 2007

Is this obnoxious?

Cause I find us really funny...

A sampling of a typical conversation between me and m:

M: shoot. Just got 2 mtg invites for today.
J: you're so popular
M: Today's Abijit's replacement's first day.
J: how's the new guy?
J: what's his/her name?
M: Fiona. Haven't met her yet. That's one of the meetings.
J: dammit
J: that's one of the names i like
J: if she turns out to be a jerk, you'll hate the name and refuse to name our daughter
M: what are you talking about?
J: and there's no way to un-do this either
M: un-do what?
J: the fiona situation
M: what fiona situation?
J: if she turns out to be a jerk and you hate her, we'll never be able to name our kid fiona
J: just like abijit is out of the running now
M: this could be true
J: if we wanted to name our kid abijit
J: this sucks
M: by that logic, Ocha might be in the running
J: i actually considered that ploy
J: but we are not going to name our kids after our pets
J: or vice versa
J: that's just weird
J: and a little creepy
M: Her name is Fiona Fang. So there's 2 names at risk today.
J: we can't name our kid Fang??
J: you suck
M: She's been in a bunch of calls already. She seems nice.
J: oh well thank goodness
M: I'll ask her.
J: fang is still a possibility


meteowrite said...

1) Not obnoxious. You should be sharing this sort of hilarity with your adoring public. Plus, it's informative. Now I know that if NIL and I want to have a kid and name it Fang we've either got to hurry things up and beat you to the punch, or content ourselves with naming our child the same thing you do.

Any discussion of future names of future children at our house follows one of two tracks. Either 1) Nathan declares that we have to choose a name from the website "Institute for Naming Children Humanely" (plunk it in a search engine, you'll find it. Good for some laughs) or 2) Nathan will run through Star Trek names, seeing which I'll agree to. "How about Data? Could we name a baby Data? What about Geordi? I know, I know! Lwaxana!!"

jean said...

Dooooood! Isn't there some sort of unwritten rule about naming your kids the same names as your friends kids? Back off! Fang is ours!! Okay, maybe.

"Sancho" said...

I'm with Jenn oh Jean--totally cool to see how things work at Chez J et M. Many of our conversations seem to run much like that, minus the "Fang" issue--we already settled on "Skull" if it is another boy and "Fedelm the Red" if it is a girl (she is unlilkely to have red hair and we like the irony--apologies to M if I have misused that term, still drinking coffee you see). "Fang" and "Fiona"--totally works.