Monday, October 22, 2007

on green living

I am really diggin' Apartment Therapy: Green Home these days. Truthfully, I'm diggin AT: Green Home nearly every day. I didn't realize how near and dear to my heart sustainable ideas are. (whew, bad sentence. moving on)

Today, I checked my feed reader and found at least three articles that rock my world and I had to share them with you.

This article features non pollution batteries from Japan that made me think of my buddy Nathan. Colon-blow's got nothing on this product. Nuff said.

These beautiful bags are green and handy! Check out the link to the site that sells them. They feature other beautiful frenchy items that I covet.

And wow am I stoked to see this! I do wonder how plausible (i.e. not too dangerous?) it would be to capture naturally occuring lighting and repurpose the energy for our use. 20 minutes of power to the entire U.S., people! Off of one bolt of lightning!!! And I like visual concept of harnessing lightning. Kinda like that song, was it the Indigo Girls who wrote that song that talks about scooping up a netful of stars? Or am I quoting jenn again?

All photographs via Apartment Therapy
Batteries from HimeyaShop
Rattan Bags from AT:Chicago
Lightning from Inhabitat

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