Friday, November 2, 2007

if you like photography and have a friend

Check out 3191. Here's a little about how it all started. If you are pressed for time, the nice thing about this blog is that it's just two photos a day. Very little (if any) reading.


meteowrite said...

Here's what I wonder, both about this blog and Soule Mama's blog: how in the heck do they find the time, or perhaps it's just the discipline to get photos into blogs *every day?* I've had "100th journal blog" on my to do list for more than two weeks. And what was holding me back was that I wanted to take a photo and put it in my post. Now I took that photo with my phone, so all I had to do was
1) take the picture
2) send it to my email account
3) upload it to picasa
4) copy and paste the html
5) futz around with the html in my post until I could get it all lined up, which, in my case, involved copying and pasting the code from another post where I had the image on the left side, and tweaking the margins, etc.

BUT, if I wanted PRETTY photos, a la Soule Mama, I'd have to use my regular camera, which would mean:
1) take the photo
2) move from card reader to picasa
3) perhaps play with it in photoshop or picasa. some of those photos have to be touched up, right?
4) put it in my picasa web album and
5) see above.

It takes time!!

I'm just whining 'cause I'm jealous.

jean said...

Elves. Or magic. Cause you gotta remember that these gals are also moms. Of active young children.