Sunday, November 25, 2007

A month of travel and Thanksgiving

I'm traveling a lot this month. For Veteran's Day weekend, I flew up to see jenn and NIL in their new place. H made an unexpected (to me) guest appearance. It was lovely to see them all. Next weekend jenn and I fly out to D.C. to visit H on her home turf. I'm so excited!

Sunday before Thanksgiving was M's birthday (happy birthday babe!). We celebrated by watching the New England Patriots slaughter the Buffalo Bills in the only bar on Two Harbors, Catalina. It was fun if a little eerily quiet.

We'd decided to take the week off, m and I, and then sort of decided to go camping after it had been settled that we were indeed both taking that week off. M loved the idea of going back to Catalina (where we'd spent our mini-moon) and so we took the ferry out Sunday morning. It was a different sort of camping trip than I'm used to. But as I've said before: there's lots of different kinds of camping and no one way is the right way to do it. Unfortunately our team sustained a minor sprained ankle right off the bat (I'm no longer talking about football here) so our outdoorsy activities were kept to a minimum.

We slept a lot. I cooked (which is news these days as I've sort of semi-retired myself from cooking. We eat out a lot which isn't such a great idea for our budget and other important things which I'll get into later) nearly every meal. Oh and they were good, let me tell you those camping meals! What is it about eating outside that makes food taste so much better? We strolled along the service roads and checked out the views. We read a lot. We kayaked for one afternoon k

This hasn't been approved.

That was M who typed that sentence up there cause he noticed that I am blogging and disapproves of how I "tell all his secrets." M is a private sort and is probably still wondering how someone like him ended up with a blabbermouth like me who wears her heart (and sometimes his, to his chagrin) on her sleeve.

Anyways, a different sort of camping trip, but it was still lots of fun. We thought we were going to be left stranded Wednesday night when we stood at the harbor waiting for a ferry that never showed up at 7:30 like our tickets said it would. This was the only ferry for the day and the next available one was scheduled for Saturday. The harbor village where we'd stayed seemed pretty desolate by then with everything shutting down. And it was cold. To add to the anxiety, we couldn't stop thinking about how earlier in the day the unhelpful visitor's center employee had mentioned that sometimes the ferrymaster just "flakes" and doesn't show up. Nice.

We were joined by a amusing ex-pat Liverpudlian (sp?) who we'd seen on the ferry ride to the island Sunday morning. He'd been camping too. We exchanged stories and anxieties while we waited for the ferry. It finally showed up a half hour later and we were able to get back home.

We went shopping for supplies the next morning and I spent the better part of Thanksgiving cooking up a meal for the two of us. Well, the cats get a little turkey too. It is a special day after all.

Hope you guys all had a nice Thanksgiving.

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