Sunday, November 25, 2007

Note to self: Thanksgiving Dinner

M thinks that the bread over-stuffed into the cavity had nothing to do with the dryness of the bird. I think he's wrong. Next time, really pay attention to how long that bastard's in the oven.

Also, the stuffing needs all the cut-up bread, even if it surpasses the recommended 8 cups that the recipe thinks it will end up being. Use it all up baby and then you can stuff the turkey with part of it producing a proper roast instead of the sub-par bird you served up this year. It's also better for the ratios with the chestnuts.

Fresh chestnuts (as per the recipe) make this recipe sing. Don't skimp and use the frozen roasted shite from Trader Joe's, or that bottled stuff. So not the same. Also, not that tough to peel them as you'd previously thoughtwhen they're fresh.

And lastly, that turkey and stuffing recipe that makes your heart go pitter-pat is in the Martha Stewart Living November 2004 issue. Save yourself a little trouble with flipping through the pages next time, k?

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