Monday, December 3, 2007

cold weather giggles

I was in D.C. visiting friends (mostly the people who read this blog...hi guys!) this past weekend. H and I were talking about how friggin' cold it was out there and I mentioned this funny ski-mask-thing that I saw in dwell and also on swissmiss. We were walking around town at the time so I couldn't look it up to show her. But when I had a minute, I drew what I was talking about.

The figure on the right is my artistic rendition (if you will) of this original and amusing ski mask. H wondered if we could come up with a female version without a 'stache, which is what I drew on the left. The dotted line arrows indicate their blossoming love story. Never mind the traditional ski mask-figured person in between. It wasn't meant to figure into their romance.

Here's the inspiration of our giggle:

Vikprjonsdottir is the company that makes 'em if you want to check out their other quirky products.

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