Wednesday, December 5, 2007

girlie trip

So girlie trip '07 was a success. We united. We bonded. We hung out. It was great to see my favorite gals and an additional treat to see other local teos (and a baby-teo to boot!).

Here are some of my memorable moments:
A tasty meal at Teaism (sadly, no photos of the really good salty oat cookie that H made sure we tasted. As a public service to you readers, I encourage you to go to Teaism if you are ever in the D.C. area and purchase a salty oat cookie and eat it right away. You won't be sorry.).

Don't I look serene and calm? Don't be fooled, I am fighting back the tears because my palak paneer was so insanely spicey. At one point H pointed out that there were beads of sweat running down my face and neck. Yowsers. Needless to say, my spice tolerance was humbled during that meal.

The coziest tree in D.C. I spotted it from across the street and dragged my friends over to check it out. I got excited thinking it was some knit graffiti courtesy of renegade D.C. street knitters. It appears, there are renegade crafters afoot on the streets of D.C.

Oh, it disturbs me no end to see ducks in a cold pond (or reflecting pool as the case may be) dunking forward for a snack.

M pointed out that he could tell from this photograph that George was in. He didn't even invite us in for hot chocolate. Bad George.

We hooked up with more friends the next day and had fun at the National Museum of the American Indian. For the epicurialy adventurous, please have lunch at their cafe. Dear lord, I ate elk. It was awesome. I'd do it again. (Note the dribble of sauce across the plate. Mmmm...elk.)

And afterwards we headed over to the Botanical Gardens. I wish we had more time there (they closed early). I don't think we got to see much more than the first part of it where they had some miniatures of the local monuments. It was beautiful and really well done and I kept thinking to myself: These guys hired some really good landscapers! They know what they're doing! Duh.

We made it late into the Botanical Gardens cause we were so busy ooh-ing and aah-ing over the huge toy train set just at the entrance to the gardens. A toy trainset with working lights, three different vintage trains and waterfalls. See that bridge over our heads? Yup, that's part of the train set. It looked to be constructed of twigs and grapevines. Grown men were going gaga over it. With their collection of cute kids in funny hats. Loved the funny hats.

High-5 everyone!

All photographs courtesy of jenn.

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Ah, wonderful--it was so cool to see you all and enjoy the fun, the elk, and the trains. B. misses his aunties!