Monday, December 17, 2007

gifts: so pretty and not so much

So Pretty

Someone had a birthday recently and I gave her the gift on Friday. I was a little nervous thinking that she wouldn't like it and that I really bought it cause I wanted it for myself instead.

Turns out she was tickled. It kind of reminds me of her.

And I was thrilled to find exactly the frame I had in mind for the print.

I couldn't resist picking up some stuff to keep for myself. Emily has the cutest stuff. Here's the package I received quite some time ago, but only now had a chance to photograph.

Even her mailing package is cute. She threw in that postcard and also her business card, both frame-worthy. And her art! The one with pigtails makes me think of me. And it's called "A Good Egg." And the one with the quilt looks so cozy. These are all high quality reprints. I wish I could buy an original...

And now... not so much

So the tradition in m's family is to buy a joke gift for dad. He's quite the jokester with the most impressive collection of whoopie cushions ever. From the simple though genius self-inflating to the motion detection whoopie cushion, m's dad has it covered. It's gotten to be so that one is hard pressed to find new material. Oh but the world of joke props does not disappoint.

That's right folks. You are looking at a pair of farting salt and pepper shakers.

Did you see that? It says it's the ultimate party accessory! And it also says: fart! in case you forgot what it's supposed to do.

Ah yes. Good times.

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