Saturday, January 5, 2008


I've seen so much mention in all those crafty blogs about Marie Claire Idees. I finally got to browse one for myself the other day. I didn't love it enough to pay $9 for the December 2007 copy at Barnes and Nobles. (Maybe if my craft business takes off I can justify the expense of a subscription.) But there were more than a few images that caught my eye:

The prettiest yo-yo quilt I've ever seen.

And garland thing-ies. I love garlands.

This has got to be the best dressed snowman in town. I love the black and white work on the scarf.

And this has got to happen chez c+potion. I am going to make us some fabric butterflies. What a beautiful idea! Probably I love butterflies more than I love garlands.

I used to be anti-slipcovers, but I've come around. I love the clean-ness of all that white. I love the casual rumpled look. And I love that you can take it all off and throw it in the wash to clean up if your husband or pets get it dirty.

And I love this string of wire baskets as candle holders. Almost like a garland. Slip a few butterflies on the outside and I would be in heaven!

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