Sunday, January 6, 2008

sunday in many lands

We've been in the habit of a movie in the morning each weekend. Either on Saturday or Sunday m will suggest a few movies he wants us to watch and we'll head to a not-so-second run theatre. We start our morning off with a movie (for $3.50!) and then the rest of the day is open to us for an adventure.

I feel like we've seen an awful lot of movies lately (most of them quite good I am happy to report) but m would point out that a movie in a theatre a week is hardly lots. Oh, let's not argue. This past weekend we watched No Country For Old Men. It was good, even though I had some problems with it. But still worth watching I think. It features a pretty bad-ass bad guy. Whew! Gives me the creeps just thinking about Javier Bardem now.

land of cheap movies...

We drove over to this tiny Indian store that we discovered the weekend before. I'd bought some green cardamom pods then and wanted to come back to try out their food. They served vegetarian fare. We each got a 2 item lunch special (not to be crass and keep mentioning prices like some sort of an adding machine, but it was only $4.99 each and I am still amazed by that!) and commenced to pig out.

land of cheap and tasty food

A peek at the interior from where we were sitting. I'll have to remember to get a shot of the outside of the store from the street. It's a modest establishment.

land of tiny interiors

This is about the width of the store/restaurant. When m and I walked in as the only two customers it felt snug. When two more folks walked in after us, it was crowded.

land of 89 cent samosas

M and I are still arguing over this soap. He thinks it's supposed to be clever and they are talking about sandals being sore and needing soap. I think it's a load of baloney and the sandal here refers to sandalwood or something. Neither of us did much research to back up our theories but still insist that our own version is superior.

land of exotic soaps

A day of gluttony seemed to be in store for us. We spotted a cute looking bakery called Hotcakes Bakes so we had to, just Had to check it out. For research purposes.

land of tempting sweets

M contemplated a red velvet cupcake but settled on a chocolate chip cookie instead. I was stuffed from lunch, but couldn't resist getting one of these:

land of french pastries

It's a canele, people! I'm sorry I forgot to photograph it before I dug in, such was my excitement. I haven't had a canele in like 10 years! Yikes! I surmised that the baker must be from Bordeaux. It's pretty tough to find one outside of this city and the bordelais are quite proud of their local delicacy. It was a fair canele. She doesn't offer the three different degrees of um, doneness I suppose, as they do in Bordeaux (the medium being my favorite and this one more like a well-done). The bottom half was the best part being a bit crispy and carmelized on the outside and soft and a little custardy on the inside. Yum. I may have to source out canele tins and a recipe. Hm...

Then we went on our walk.

land of long walking trails

That rain we were waiting for finally came (halleluah).

land of rain, cold and grey

So we walked quickly back to the car to get home into dry clothes.

land of quickly moving feet

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