Monday, February 25, 2008


So I was not very productive today. Well, let me start by saying that I took care of some business first thing so at least my day wasn't totally washed up.

And I also cleaned and dusted the whole place if that counts for anything.

But there were other projects that were calling my attention. Projects that I haven't completed. In, like forever. And it's driving me nuts. Maybe sharing my lame-ness will give me the boot to get these babies done. Or perhaps, I should stop coming up with new ideas and buying supplies to realise them.

At any rate...

Here I have started a swatch because I believe that one day I will knit and design a sailor shirt (is it just me or have those been popping up in lots of places lately?) out of a fine sock yarn that will take me too long to knit. It will be cream with dark navy stripes with a boatneck collar. It will perhaps be more tunic-length and I shall wear it like a too-short dress with slim jeans. I also plan to knit a smocked mini-dress the color of that swatch yarn up there. I plan to call it the Meg dress after meg from the White Stripes, cause she was wearing something like it in a poster I saw at my haircutters a few weeks ago. It may have cap sleeves.

I just have to hope that these two design ideas will not meet the same fate as this cardi which I bought the yarn for about a year ago (maybe) and knit up and ripped apart about three different times.

The final design is that little drawing in the corner. Too bad I've lost the patience to finish the sleeves and buttonband and be done with it.

I do believe I purchased this yarn the summer before I got married. It stayed a skein of wool until after I got married. Then I decided it was going to be socks for m. It's so pretty, but I grossly miscalculated and after knitting most of one sock, I am running out of yarn. I was supposed to rip it apart and maybe knit something for me.

Trying to be a good wife who knits, I bought this yarn last summer intending to make m some socks.

He only has one pair hand-knit by me and I consider this to be a considerable travesty. They are still yarn. One day, they shall be socks.

In the meantime he actually requested that I knit a scarf for him (!). M is a little tough to knit for since he has a particular sense of style that mostly confounds me. Anyways, I came up with a brilliant idea to buy a sweater from the Goodwill and unravel it to repurpose the yarn for a scarf.

This photo is of said yarn from a really soft wool sweater that used to be from J. Crew. Sadly, I lacked the sense to realise that this fine, fine (read: VERY THIN) yarn will take me three lifetimes to knit on those teeny toothpick-like knitting needles that I’m using (size 000 in case you were wondering). It's meant to be a simple 10x10 ribbing. I've been working on it (casually) for about two months.

image from punky b's fashion diary
I saw this scarf and got really excited thinking that I should scrap the green yarn and buy some pretty grey wool to make him this scarf. Then I realized that he wouldn't go for this because, though it is heritage-appropriate, it's perhaps too ornate for his manly-man tastes.

This yarn came from a really pretty aqua sweater that was once sold at the Gap.

I bought it for 3 bucks at the Goodwill and unraveled it intending to knit a chunky cabled scarf for me. I never got past the swatch because I felt guilty having fun knitting myself a scarf (when I already own several) and poor m all cold and scarf-less.

This is deadline knitting for someone's birthday (a prestigious number birthday) that I abandoned because it was irritating me. I can't even remember the reason.

Possibly I knit it too big. Dammit. It needs to be finished pronto cause the birthday is comin' up.

Here's a stack of pouches that I never finished cause I'm having computer issues.

I’ll leave it at that.

I would try and make it up this evening, but m and I got tickets to see the Celtics play in town as our xmas gift from my in-laws. I actually have another dozen or so photos that I took for my amusement and intend to share with you. But that will have to wait for tomorrow.

Incidentally, don't you just love blogs? I can just post stuff up and if you want to read it you can. And if you find photos of my yarn and apartment boring, you just move on. Brilliant!

Oh, and: GO CELTS!


meteowrite said...

Nathan, upon seeing the Space Invader socks, said "Those are awesome," in a tone reserved for particular technical achievements.

jean said...

Kudos to NIL for recognizing that these are Space Invader socks! Then again, I should expect such shrewdness from him.

You know, when I saw the pattern I was so stoked that someone out there had come up with such a thing. I wanted so badly to knit them up but couldn't imagine wearing them myself. And then realized who might be tickled to receive them as gifts (name of recipient withheld to forgo ruin of surprise).

These were surprisingly easy (AND SUPER FUN DUDE!) to knit. And pretty quick too. So... if NIL is interested in a pair, I do believe I could hook him up. I'd just need measurements and such.