Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Your time is probably better spent elsewhere. I've nothing interesting to say. Though I spend a lot of time doing so.

The most distracting of all distractions is here today. M took the day off of work so that he could relax a bit and also get some writing done. I find it hard to stay productive when he’s around. Not that he’s trying to get me to goof off all day. But just having another body around makes it harder for me to focus. On weekends I usually end up pacing around the house for most of the day unable to really get momentum going on a project. Or I get some housework done that I normally put off in favor of getting projects completed. Ah well, what can you do?

The parade of photos continues.

Did I mention that I bought a couch a few weeks ago? It was during one of my thrift store days and I got it for dirt cheap. Probably because the lady thought it was ugly beige-y white with denim cushions. What she didn’t realize is that the denim slipcover for the couch is missing so it looks like a beige and denim combo, but Shazam! it’s not. It’s in great shape too with just a minor cosmetic damage to one of the legs. Easily repaired with some light sanding and finish.

Right now it’s covered in blankets and towels so that my sweet little bastard cats don’t scratch it up. Last night I had to involve some masking tape as well since I've heard them sharpening their claws on the sides where the blankets don’t reach.

Some fabric that I intend to transform into slipcovers for our new couch.

Some more fabric that needs to be laundered. I recently learned that you should wash fabric three times to wash off the manufacturing/delivery muck as well as to deal with shrinkage. Sheesh what a process. But totally worth it. I would hate to have gone through all the work of sewing up slipcovers that fit my couch only to have them shrink after the first washing.

Um. More fabric.

I do like having it all in one place where I can glance over at it for inspiration, or a quick inventory reference. I felt triumphant organizing all my fabric and stacking it into this bookcase. Then I turned around and realized that I still had this stack of fabric that I’d set aside in another bookcase. Argh.

Taking all these pictures made me want to photograph my apartment. Maybe help me take stock of how it's laid out and figure out how to deal with some of the quirks that don't flow as well (a la Apartment Therapy's 8 Week Cure? but in a less structured manner). Just the living room for now. It’s also my office/studio. I used to feel like it was super-cramped in here and hated that there was so much art supplies (not that I planned on getting rid of any of it) teeming from every corner. But I’ve decided to pretend that I am one of those people who live in artist villages. Have you ever been on art walks through them? A lot of them live and work there and it’s cool to see these huge loft spaces filled with canvases, concrete floors splattered with paint, and then a corner of living space with a bed and teeny kitchen consisting of a shelf of dishes, crackers and a teapot. Maybe a hotplate and a sink too.

Our place is not quite as bohemian, but neither is it a contender for any interior design awards.

When you walk in, this is the first thing you see:

Hm…somehow this looks like total shite. Much more cozy and welcoming in real life. If you can ignore the two boxes of crap and the drying rack with 10 yards of dried fabric draped over it.

A little better from this angle.

The office. I had to rearrange everything when we got rid of our old love seat in favor of the new couch.

One day, my bookcase will look as pretty as Jenny’s. Actually her whole studio is a dream. Check out the rest of her before and after photos. We lack the space, alas. So we make-do. (Gods. I hate that freaking lamp that looks like a sorry joke for a V8 ad. Hear me, I will find a better one at the thrift stores and kick this one to the curb!)

Our space gets so messy so quickly. Um, especially when my crap is sitting in the middle of the living room.

I’ve called this photo: my husband is a saint for 4 putting up with this bs.

I wish I could say that this is a temporary arrangement. Well, it is. It’s temporary until I can figure out what to do with these two boxes. Figuring this out hasn't been a top priority for me. It's been sitting here for two weeks. The top contains “art” that I don’t know what to do with. And the bottom is filed with old sweaters intended for felting projects, fabric scraps and old clothes that I want to save cause I love the fabric their made of.

Maybe in a few weeks I'll have made some progress with all of these projects (I've got ambition to spare, haven't I?). For now I'll leave you with an image that makes me smile inspired by Alicia. The chicken apron is in the wash.

Now that I've dorked around for far too long, I'm off to incorporate these pretty flourishes into a logo for my friend.

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