Friday, February 8, 2008

neither here nor there

I got a new haircut. I was chatting online with andres and he asked me to post a photo. I didn't realize how many freckles I had until I saw the photos. My house is messy. Don't judge me.

I remember the day I saw my face in profile for the first time (about 6 years ago). I didn't realize what my nose looked like until then. Before that I'd always thought that my nose was sort of small and stubby all around. I was fascinated. Like I was meeting a new me or something.

Okay, enough with the narcisism here's a photo of my cat. I wonder if she's pretending to soak in a tub.


meteowrite said...

Oooohhhh, I like it!! Well done!! And, though I didn't comment on it, Lucky Maggie! That's the awesomest chicken ever!

"Sancho" said...

The new doo looks lovely Jeanteo! And trust me, your place, not so much a mess as my place--we're neck deep in boxes, garbage, discards, and the detritus of the Big B's prandial escapades. On the flip side, we'll be Pacific again March 7th (!)

jean beaumont said...

Nice daughter, I love you!