Monday, February 11, 2008


I'm a little behind with posting...

the best kind of Sunday mornings

och loves them too (I was trying to catch a shot of her slightly agape snout as she slumbered on the porch at my feet. Some days, she sleeps so deeply I swear she is drooling. I think a drooling cat is pretty funny. She also likes to sit on paper. M will sort mail sometimes out on the porch and when he sets down an envelope or junk mail intended for recycling, she'll sit on that. So he'll start a new pile and she'll move to sit on that too. Here I'd pulled out the inserts in my March issue of Real Simple, so she sat on that and then fell into instantaneous sleep.)

I was hoping this sprig of jasmine would bloom filling our home with the smell of summery nights. In February. Yes, it's crazy, but I live in LA.

More sunning of legs.

Hey good lookin, hunker down for a rest wouldya?

Time to go home... bye Dolphin beach!

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