Monday, March 17, 2008

gettin' back to business (time)

Whew. What a busy week it's been. Sadly, I was sick for most of it. Then right at the crucial moment, we had a special guest here at casa c+potion. Heather came to visit! (I wish I could give each of you readers a high five right now to more accurately emphasize this treat. Use your imaginations.)

I have lots to share, but need to get caught up with other business (though, not that kind of business) before I can upload photos and share stories. And there's always a little post-visit jet-lag (sniff) to get through after a friend has come over for a spell you know? I leave you with this bit which helps to cheer me up.

And if you are interested in a funny and brief read on their news, check out their concise website. I think you'll enjoy it.

Thanks, H!

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