Saturday, April 12, 2008


We went to the movies last night, something we rarely do because I usually can't stay up that late anymore and more importantly I am too easily offended by the obnoxious Friday night crowds.

I'm glad they are young and so cool and so full of energy, and I understand that this is their way of cutting loose after a long week of school or whatever, but the jostling, and shouting (sometimes during the movie, depending on which movie we see), and youthful joie de vivre is usually just too much for me. Especially back when I was a corporate schlub after my own trying week. I just couldn't deal.

But I'm home these days and M had one of those weeks and he felt like the best thing for his head would be to unwind at a movie theater and fill it up with someone else's stories and just forget about the a--holes at work. And we wanted to see Young@Heart which would screen in an art house movie theater, hardly the setting for running into those Friday Night Movie A--holes (that would be the official name they go by in my household).

But enough grousing about the Friday Night Movie A--holes, let's talk about this movie...

If you've been to an art house theatre or watched an indie flick in the last six months, you've undoubtedly seen the trailer for this documentary. M and I would laugh and exclaim over it every time saying: we have GOT to see that when it comes out. And last night we were pleased to see that the trailer we'd watched did not disappoint.

Oh my goodness. It was so Good. So funny and heartwarming and inspiring and sweet. I don't want to give anything away, so I'll keep it brief. The documentary follows a rehearsal to concert schedule for a traveling chorus group called The Young@Heart Chorus. The average age of these singers is 80. These guys have toured across Europe and have also been to Australia. 80! The thought of flying to Australia makes my 33 year old bones creak.

Under the direction of their 50-something music director, these guys give live singing performances of pop music ranging from The Clash, Coldplay, James Brown and Talking Heads (to name just a few in their repertoire). The songs are all familiar and I was surprised at how new they sounded, how the lyrics seem to have a new poignancy when uttered by these guys. The singing is all heart. The songs and arrangements are so well selected. That music director knows what he's doing. I don't want to sound facile but this really felt like an example of an artist who understands his medium and knows how best to work with it.

I can't imagine a person out there who wouldn't enjoy this movie. You should all go out to see it.

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