Thursday, April 17, 2008

I've gone and joined a book club

Always on the search for new books to sink my teeth into, I checked out npr's book section online. They have a nice selection of reviews and recommendations from their staff, other writers and even librarians with rock star status.

The Bryant Park Project just started a book club (I'm a month behind) so I decided to join in. This month's book is Aryn Kyle's The God of Animals. I'm about 40 pages in so far and I'm enjoying it. It's a pleasant read of a young girl whose family runs a horse ranch. Haven't read far enough to get more of a sense of the plot, but I can see already that this will not be a drudgery to get through (unlike, say: The Dubliners. Was it The Dubliners? Oh dear god, I just couldn't get past page 16 with that guy spinning yarns o'er and o'er again. But I think I should give it another go, just to be fair. James Joyce is so revered and all, etc, etc.)

Also, I'm kind of enjoying not knowing too much about this book and discovering the story on my own time as it unfolds during my readings.

Anyways. Book club convenes online May 2 to discuss this book.

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