Sunday, May 4, 2008

and...more socks

I finished these quite awhile ago but never got around to showin' them off. These were not as fun to knit. The pattern is beautiful but man does it take forever! Especially so when you knit 65% of the first sock totally wrong and so you have to shred it back to just yarn and start all over again. I found it helpful to set it aside and sort of forget about it for about six months The pain dulls a bit, you know "absence makes the heart grow fonder, etc. etc." So when you pick it up again you sort of forget that nearly 100 stitches worked round and round takes a really long time. And maybe if you're stubborn, you keep at it and then a year later you have some cool new socks!

The color is a really pretty burnt orange that my camera had some trouble capturing this morning so I had to do some color correction with Photoshop. So my legs aren't really that blue-white. In case you were wondering,

The yarn is a super affordable brand so not the best quality. All those stray hairy bits are from wear and tear and not intentional. Doesn't photograph so great, but I think they are mighty pretty on my feet.

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