Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ratatouille - the dish, that is

I mentioned last week that I'd be making a ratatouille from my farmer's market purchases. I realized that it's been years (literally) since the last time I made ratatouille. With so many tempting looking summer vegetables at the market, I needed little prodding to whip out my recipe and bring this favorite dish back into my regular rotation.

I learned how to make this years ago (a student in France) just from watching a nice Breton who made us the only vegetarian supper he could think of. I think this version might be a little more authentic though I've never tried it. My meal ensued thusly:

Chopped vegetables ready for sautee-ing.

The potatoes and mushrooms are of my own design.

Everyone is feeling sexy and mingle-y in the sautee pan.

Here come the tomatoes and the crushed garlic (not pictured).

No bouquet garni, but I made do with some dried thyme, basil and whole oregano which I crumbled.

Everything simmers until the flavors marry (about 20 minutes). Throw in the heel of some parmesan if you have it, maybe even a splash of red wine.

I served mine with some spicy italian sausage and fresh cornbread. A crusty french loaf would also be nice.

And then we ate it again on Saturday with lamb chops.

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