Tuesday, May 27, 2008

cool and chill

Did you all have a nice Memorial Day weekend? Mine was pretty low key, but I never mind such things. We kicked it off with a screening of the latest Indiana Jones on Friday night because m says that this is the kind of movie that needs to be seen on a Friday night (with all the FNMA and their ilk).


I think the critics sort of blew it off, but we enjoyed it and ourselves immensely. It was fun and funny and there were great fight sequences and stuff blown up (I find myself more attracted to films with explosions now than I ever have in my life. Why is that, I wonder?), an awesome cast featuring Shia LeBoef (that kid is so awesome), Cate Blanchett (always a pleasure to watch her performances), Ray Winstone (who for some reason, I did not recognize until the credits rolled at the end), Karen Allen (who sadly is not that great an actress but was nice to see again for sentimental reasons), Jim Broadbent (ditto on not recognizing him, but what a pleasure to see his films) and of course Harrison Ford (rowr).

If you enjoyed the Indiana Jones series as a kid (or adult) I think you'll be pleased. I wish the bad guy had been a little more interesting and the monkey scene was a little silly but probably necessary to get a laugh for those audience members who like to watch feel good movies good for the whole family, but overall I thought the filmmakers did a fine job of keeping up with the heart, style and story of the original series.

M and I hung out, watched some tv, a lot of basketball, cooked a little, worked a little. It was quite enjoyable all round.


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jean beaumont said...

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