Thursday, May 8, 2008


Today I am 34!

33 was kind of a tough year. Last year at this time I was working at a crummy job working with an incredibly difficult boss and assistant. Sort of like between a rock and a hard place. This year has been great so far. Certainly filled with my fair share of ups and downs, but compared to last year I am the king of the world. I think it's going to keep getting better.

Like yesterday, I got an unexpected and early birthday gift. It's a wee scented candle and it smells divine. What a nice treat!

The little pod in the striped vase is going to be a peony soon. I'm going to try and take a photo of it each day to capture the progress of its bloom.

Normally on my birthday I take the day off of work. I started doing that because I was working a job where I didn't particularly care for my co-workers and part of my job entailed getting phone calls from clients that would sometimes lose their cool and start screaming at whoever answered the phone. Well, who needs that? Especially on their birthday? At my current job, I have the Best co-workers, and none of my clients ever yell at me. So I wasn't planning on taking the day off (deadlines, deadlines) but I'm going to take it a little easier. It's not every day of my life that I turn 34 after all.

So, today I plan to hang with my brother who wants to take me out to lunch and after I think I will head over to the Hammer Museum to check out an interesting sounding exhibit.

Oh and yesterday, I also bought this book.

Whoo-hoo! Even though I won't have time to start any new sewing right now, I'm excited to learn about sewing my own t-shirts and hoodies and whatever else piques my fancy. The first book was quite good and I'm looking forward to diving into the second one.

Damn, life is good.


jean beaumont said...

Jacqueline et moi nous t'embrassons tendrement et nous t'invitons à venir fêter ton anniversaire à la maison!
Gros bisous.

meteowrite said...

Go 34!! (Insert high-five here). Happy birthday Jean-teo!! I just ate some angel food cake and strawberries in honor of your big day. Well, the people here at work thought I was eating it because we were saying goodby to our interns. But you and I know differently. 34 is sooooooo going to be an awesome year for you. I can totally tell. I mean, it's 17 times 2. How could you go wrong? Love you!

"Sancho" said...

Happy B-Day Jeanteo!!! We too shall have to conjure up something dessertish in celebration of your 34 years! Gotta say, 34, a good year (and as Jenn said, that's 8.5 times 4 ;-)

jean beaumont said...

LA FRANCE T'AIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!