Friday, May 9, 2008

The weather never fails to amaze me these days. It's gloomy and gray and just a bit windy judging from the tree movement outside my window. Yesterday it was cool, but sunny. But that's neither here nor there.

Anyways. Thanks for your birthday wishes! I do indeed wish I could have spent my birthday with you Jacqueline+Jean! Merci pour l'invitation. Peut-etre un jour.

Yesterday was a nice birthday. I got some phone calls from friends far away. M took me out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant nearby. We hung out at home all low-key and cozy.

I must have been in a Japanesey sort of mood cause I had lunch with my brother James at a little European influenced Japanese bistro. Go figure, they offer things like spaghetti bolognese with sea urchin. An interesting sounding fusion that is very tasty. Here's my brother just after he shot a photo of me with his iPhone entering it into my profile.

We were too busy talking and enjoying our food for me to remember to snap any more photos. But when he pulled out his card to pay, I laughed and insisted on taking this photo.

With assurances that I would protect his privacy of course!

Afterwards I went to the Hammer Museum to check out that exhibit I mentioned yesterday. Wow. So much to say about this. But I don't think I want to get into art criticism here so I'll just move on. It was interesting. And surprising. And you probably won't want to take your kids to see this if it comes to your neck of the woods.

I cruised through the gift store afterwards and I've decided that museum gift stores are the best. They have the coolest books and the prettiest ceramics and home decor accessories. Their jewelry selection is always interesting and unique. And I really like the children's section (the best toys and backpacks!). After I sat for a bit in the courtyard. It's lovely. If I'd ever worked in Westwood, I'd totally go here to eat my lunch. It's peaceful and I love the stillness that the architecture inspires.

When I got back home the Och was all needy and super affectionate. As soon as I sat down she jumped up on my lap (which is sort of unusual for her but she's been doing more of that lately) and wouldn't budge. She sort of arranged herself to get as comfy as possible and I was trapped. I mean, what kind of a monster would shove her off when she looks so comfortable?

Maybe this is her way of giving me a kitty birthday hug?

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