Monday, May 5, 2008

une petite entreprise of my own

Today my dream job is to have my own indie retail business like Emily. I just listened to a podcast where she was interviewed on her life as an indie retailer and it just put a lot of thoughts and ideas in my head.

Like the idea of starting my own business, which is a desire that has been swimming around in my head for quite some time (much longer than the carpentry thing, if you must know). But I've had some difficulty in realizing it. One of the roadblocks that I feel like I can't clear is this idea of my identity and style as it translates into a product. More specifically: what is my style? Most days (and especially recently) I feel like I've gotten very good at copying ideas from other people. But not so good at coming up with my own. I don't feel very original, I guess.

* * *

I've been trying for a few days to articulate my thoughts on this (on paper and on screen). But I keep hitting delete or re-writing the same few sentences over and over again all saying the same muddled thing but with different words. I guess I need to let these thoughts simmer for a bit longer before they are ready to be shared. Or perhaps the ideas are so obvious so as to not need being stated. Either way, it's been a good exercise in dissecting my wants (as far as a career or work is concerned) and ruminating over them.

* * *

The above poster is from an exhibit at the Southbank Centre in London commemorating protest posters from an anti-Charles de Gaulle conservative government movement from about 40 years back (whoo boy, that is one ugly sentence!). Fascinating curatorial work. And I really liked this particular reprint. There's a limited number of these posters for purchase at the Keep Calm site. I'm also fond of the "Retour A La Normale" for knittery and literal reasons.

Found out about this from Doug Wilson.

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