Tuesday, July 29, 2008

before I leave...

So M and I area flying out to D.C. tonight on a red-eye flight. Yesterday I had some free time so I got to do a lot of sewing. I have really been into sewing lately. I'm sure knitting will take over again when the cooler weather hits, but for now it's all about the sewing.

Yesterday I made a little bag (rats! I forgot to photograph it. Photo to come) which went pretty smoothly.

Still high on that achievement I decided to make a shirt. And I really wanted to be able to take it with me for my trip. I've been enjoying the lattice-type details I've seen in a few shirts and I had a mind to make one of my own.

I sketched. The sleeves actually got nixed.

I sewed.

I tried it on. Meh. The neckline bunches up.

And it seems that my mirror is dirty. That's what those spots are. They're on the mirror, not on my shirt.

And I've learned that it's not easy to take self-portraits without a remote release.

And also? (whisper) my bed's not made.

M and I are going to see H in D.C. and then head over to Pennsylvania to meet up with babies and friends and a wedding party. I'm a little worried about the heat, but I'm looking forward to a change of scenery. More on Monday!