Tuesday, July 29, 2008

from last weekend

I never can seem to post my weekend happenings on Monday. Mondays I am welcoming the work week with full force (ha). By Tuesday I can get around to talking about my weekends. Although, truth to tell, my weekends are generally pretty tame.

But this past weekend m and I did something exciting! We met up with my baby brother Daehee!
I seem to be grimacing in pain in this photo, but I assure you I was thrilled to see Daehee and I think the feeling was mutual. He must be stooped over to hug me because he doesn't look as tall in this photo as he does in life.

We met up at the Galleria in Sherman Oaks to see Batman The Dark Knight. The movie was okay. Lots of fun explosions (de riguer in my summer blockbuster screenings), really solid performance (and interpretation of the Joker) by Heath Ledger and I really like the Batman franchise generally speaking. But it was a bit of a mess as far as plot was concerned. And way too freaking long. But Daehee gave it his thumbs up and it was fun to hang out with the little one.


meteowrite said...

I can't believe this kid once fit in a bucket. Geez. We're old.

You know what just occurred to me? And you're going to laugh, because it's only now occurred to me after (doing math on fingers) SIXTEEN years.

I never knew Daehee when he fit in a bucket. He was playing Tetris by the time I knew him. But I FEEL like I knew him when he fit in a bucket. The mind plays tricks, especially when you're old.

james said...

I remember wiping his butt, cause he didn't know how to.... memories. all in the wrong places.

jean said...

Folks, maybe we should hold back on the nostalgic comments. Or at least censor the embarrassing ones. We gotta have something to embarrass him with when he gets married and stuff.

PS. James: I never remember you ever wiping anyone's butt.