Saturday, July 12, 2008

more reading

The good news is that I have been reading more. Joining that book club was a great idea. I like being exposed to a bunch of new stuff. And since I'm done with my book for the club well before the deadline, I'm itching to keep reading while I wait to hear what the next book will be. I've made good use of my library card getting new stuff for me to read.

So far, nothing I've read (from the book club or my own findings) have made me lose myself in that way that a really really good book will grab you and make you stop everything else in your life forsaking sleep, meals, bathroom breaks and work to finish another chapter (or let's be honest: finish the book). But that's okay. It's still been a fun ride.

Some of my thoughts about the books I've read:
American Gods by Neil Gaiman was okay. Just so-so. I liked Anansi Boys better and don't really believe that you needed to read the former before the latter as many fans have insisted you do probably because this was the order the writer wrote them in. I did it backwards and it was just fine. I'd be willing to give a few more of his books a shot since they are so well regarded by people whose opinions I respect, but I'm not feeling terribly optimistic since American Gods was a bit of a let down. It was easy to read and more or less entertaining, but sort of all over the place and so ultimately not satisfying.

Last month's selection for my book club was Petropolis by Anya Ulinich.
It was funny and interesting if a bit dark. Sort of reminded me of something Todd Solondz might adapt for one of his films (Welcome to the Dollhouse, Happiness, Palindromes) if he were to get into the business of adaptations instead of coming up with his own material. Perhaps a bit too dark at times for me to be able to really get into it? I don't know. It didn't resonate with me, though I did feel sympathetic towards the main character and worried about what would happen to her next.

I keep catching Pride and Prejudice on t.v. over the last few weeks. The Keira Knightly one. Sheesh. I have to take back every not-so-nice thing I've ever said about her. She's wonderful in this. I'm not a huge fan of the costumey movies (there are some really good ones that I've enjoyed terribly in the past but lately if it's a costumey period piece, I'm probably not likely to go see it. maybe there aren't enough explosions in them.) So anyways Pride and Prejudice, Keira Knightly and that dreamy Matthew MacFadyen as Mr. Darcy, I just can't get enough of it. I keep seeing bits of the movie and never the whole thing. I suppose I could fix that and just get the DVD. But anyways, it's been on my mind so I decided to pick up the book and give ole Jane Austin a shot. It was great! Very funny. And lots of ideas that feel more contemporary and progressive to me about women and their status and marriage. I was surprised by that. I'm going to have a Pride and Prejudice screening marathon next Friday with Janet. She's going to help me bake 5 cakes for a wedding that I got roped into baking for. And while we're waiting for each cake to bake, we're going to watch the Keira Knightly version and also the BBC one that I keep hearing so much about. Now I'll finally get to see the movie in its entirety. Twice. I'm stoked!

And since I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice so much, I decided to give Emma a shot. I'm about a third into it. I haven't really sat and given myself over to the book on a long afternoon read or anything like that. It's good but I'm not as won over with it as I was with Pride and Prejudice. Emma and her dear old dad are just a bit much. Sometimes a bit annoying, but that's rather judgemental of me. I blame myself for not really giving the book a proper go. Maybe over the weekend.

Hm.. I really thought I'd read more than three books since my last book post, but I guess I haven't. Maybe I'm forgetting the others.

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